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About Us

Ever sat on your sunglasses? How about having them fall off your face and smash on the ground? How calm do you feel when your child reaches for your sunnies? GivingTree Eyewear gives you peace of mind in these situations and more. Built for a full lifestyle, these lightweight glasses are specially made from BPA-free materials to last through all of life's adventures. We believe everyone deserves eyewear that is resilient, gives superior protection, and makes you feel put together.  You have enough on your plate these days, we want to be able to grab your glasses and go!
The seed for Giving Tree Eyewear (GTE) was planted in the mind of founder and So Cal native, Christian Abbott, a few years ago. Having worked up the ladder in the eyewear world, he represented eyewear with a passion, in a role that took him from Newport to Malibu to New York to Miami and back to Orange County. During this time, he soaked up every bit of information from both clients, vendors, and his own experiences as an optician to come up with universally flattering styles. He knew there was a need for his version of eyewear, and ultimately that would be his way to make a positive difference on the world. Impressed with this vision, Vanessa St. Laurent has been along his side creating content for social media and partnering with marketing ideas. Vanessa can attest to the resilience of the eyewear... she's given her glasses quite a beating in Bali, Australia, New Zealand and here, and is happy to report not one scratch!